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Feeling Divine Enterprises, LLC

Where God and Science meet to serve you through nature

Offering personal care products to enhance your life experiences

Educating you in the science behind their effectiveness

Abundance and Luck

To raise your energy to be the same as that of wealth and opportunity

so that you are one with it. Everyone like this one

True Love

To bring loving people and situations into your life. This does work for me

Dream Time

Makes you feel safe and at ease in your spirit to promote pleasant dream time. Works in my house


Shields your energy body from negative influences and helps you to stand in your power and use your voice and abilities to their highest good. Shy people like this

Positive Energy

Gets your creative and communication juices flowing.

Makes you more appealing to people Everyone likes this one

Excellent Student

Helps one to study in an alert higher mind state and to retain information in the form of wisdom. My kids use it

Happy Heart

To help remove the heaviness of old tears from your energy body and or to bring in the energy of happiness

Big seller too!

Harmony and Ease

My first blend which does it all

My favorite

Energy Alchemy for Pain Relief is $26.00 for the roll-on and $60.00

for a 4oz. jar of cream.

The scientific law of harmonic frequencies.

When a disharmonic frequency or one in dis-ease comes in contact with a strong harmonic frequency, the dis-harmonic will dissipate within the harmonic.

What Harmonic Blend Does

1. When the crown energy center (White Energy) at the top of the head is balanced you will feel more connected to God in prayer and be more open to inspiration.

 (To be inspirited, Infused with good spirit and thought with more creativity)

2. The second energy center is called the third eye (Indigo Energy) in the middle of your forehead. When in balance you will be able to read people and their intentions much better. You will be more sensitive to others feelings and needs.

3. The third energy center is located in the throat (Blue Energy). When in balance you will be more apt to voice your opinion in a balanced manner regularly.

 4. The fourth energy center is the heart center located in the middle of the chest. (Green Energy). When in balance you will be a good giver and receiver of emotions, love and gifts. It will help to settle the disruptive energy one may hold from a broken heart.

 5. The fifth energy center is right above the belly button (Yellow Energy). When in balance one will have good courage, confidence and able to use God given wisdom better. You may also notice a need to be more organized. It will help to deal with mother issues in an empathetic manner and help your own mothering..parenting ability with greater ease and enjoyment.

 6. The sixth energy center is below the belly button (Orange Energy). When in balance one will enjoy what they are doing in life and the choices they have made. You will be happier and more joyful because of this. You may become more excitedly goal driven and more open to all forms of activities you like to do including romantic ones. Allowing yourself to feel good and enjoying all of it.

7. The seventh from the top is called the root energy center (Red Energy). It is located at the very tip of your pelvic area between your legs where your legs meet your torso. When this energy is balanced you are very busy walking your talk about what brings you joy. The positive results may be a better flow of income into your life. The allowing of or emotional memory of abusive, controlling and dominating acts past or present may no longer be welcome to be part of your life, whether initiated by yourself or others.

Only high quality therapeutic grade essential oils are used with nutrient enriched oils and creams.

They are all hand blended with care.

The Essential Oil Blends are available in:

Roll-on .35 ml. for $32.00

Actual size

Actual Size of Soap

$15.00 for

4 oz.

The Heart Shape

4oz. ml jar of cream for $60.00

 Call what you need into your life

From the heart of

Mother Nature’s Garden

Indulge yourself with nutrient enriched cream

and select flower essences

Use with confidence and enjoy!

Margaret Gegenheimer

All orders are by phone at this time and I am able to accept credit cards.

Call 973-714-4204

To have the etymology of your name done please click the image below or call the number above.

These are really very special gifts and I can only do them as time allows in my schedule.

Call what you need into your life

From the heart of

Mother Nature’s Garden

Indulge yourself with nutrient enriched cream

and select flower essences

Use with confidence and enjoy!

Margaret Gegenheimer